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lirc 0.9.4c available

Alec Leamas

After the 0.9.4, 0.9.4a and 0.9.4b it is time to release 0.9.4c, a
maintenance release. Major changes includes an overall update to the
girs plugin and a new irtext2udp tool.

Source packages are available at [1], Fedora  preview packages at [2]
and an Ubuntu PPA at [3]. The source packages includes a Debian source
tarball. The official Fedora and Debian packages will be updated shortly
(next week?).

Thanks for patches: Helen Foster, Bengt MÃ¥rtensson. Special thanks to
Craig Treleaven for bringing lirc up to date on MacOS and, not least,
for offering a beer!

Excerpt from NEWS (complete file at [4]):

    * New curl_poll files adds a new MIT license. Lirc now
      carries GPL, BSD and MIT licenses.
    * Several patches to make lirc work again on macos (#226, #227).
    * plugins: girs: Add udp/receive support (#201).
    * New tool irtext2udp generates udp plugin data (#197).
    * Fix FTBS errors on linux kernel >= 4.8.0 (#232).
    * mode2: Fix broken --raw option (#223).
    * lirc-make-devinput: Fix that two remotes has the same name (#222).
    * lircd: Warn for duplicate remote definitions (#222).
    * lircd: Retry temporary unavailable write sockets (#221).
    * contrib: Fix usb devices' acl permissions (rhbz #1364744).
    * lirc-setup: Fix crasher bugfix (Fedora abort trace).
    * contrib: disable udev /dev/uinput rule requiring lirc user.
    * plugins: audio_alsa: Fix byte truncating in 16-bit data (#218):
    * plugins: irtoy: improve error handling (#220).
    * Minor documentation fixes.






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