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lirc-0.9.4a available.

Alec Leamas


After the 0.9.4 release there has been  some  bugfixes. It is time to release 0.9.4a, a bugfix only point release.

Source packages are available at [1], Fedora  preview packages at [2] and an Ubuntu PPA at [3].  The source packages includes a Debian source tarball.

Excerpt from NEWS below (complete file at [4]). Note that the 0.9.4 Debian and Fedora packages already carries most (but not all) of these patches.

  * Fix syntax errors in systemd unit files (rhbz: 1350750).
  * irrecord: Enhance "Don't use devinput" message (#180).
  * plugins/uirt2_raw: Reset device to UIR mode on deinit.
  * plugins/girs.c: Enable reception after sending.
  * lircd, liblirc_client: Fix freeaddrinfo handling (#195).
  * Don't build commandir unless we have usb.h (#191).
  * lirc_options.conf: debug => loglevel (#199).
  * lib: use proper link method to avoid intermittent parallel build issue
  * tools: can also use python2
  * plugins/devinput: Make the list-devices support available.
  * Bugfix (BSD setting reported wrong).

Thanks for patches: Aaron Thompson, Baruch Siach, Bengt Martensson, Christoph Bartelmus  and Thomas Petazzoni







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