lirc 0.9.4 branched , pre1 available.

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lirc 0.9.4 branched , pre1 available.

Alec Leamas
Hi out there!

The  upcoming 0.9.4 version has been branched. Version 0.9.4pre1
tarballs are available at [1]. I'm not aware of any new functionality
which should go into this release.

Preview Fedora packages are available at [2]. As for the Debian package,
it is under review. It is in reasonable shape with many improvements
during the last weeks. Sources for Debian (Jessie) are available at [3].

Pre-built documentation is at [4].

An up to date NEWS is at [1]

This is a maintenance release. The main changes are
   - Several plugins have been moved to external parties.
   - A multitude of minor fixes to make configuration simpler.
   - The usual amount of bugfixes and clean-up