Uudev Minor number keeps changing for iMon remote

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Uudev Minor number keeps changing for iMon remote

Kaya Saman

I have an OrigeanAE S21T chassis and I'm running Arch Linux on top of it
with Kodi.

After rebooting the Minor number of the iMon remote keeps changing and I
was wondering if this was normal behavior or if I needed to somehow
statically assign it?

I have a Udev rule in place to create an /dev/input/irremote0 link to
the event(X) number of the iMon however, this tends to jump around a lot

#Major/Minor numbers: udevadm info -q all -n /dev/input/event(X)
#udevadm control --reload
#udevadm trigger

Almost after each reboot I have to run the above procedure in order to
get the remote working, when it should actually negate the need for my

Could anyone offer any advice on how to tackle this issue?

Many thanks.



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