The state of the 0.9.4b release

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The state of the 0.9.4b release

Alec Leamas
Dear list,

The 0.9.4b release has been out since two weeks, and there is feedback.
Some of this feedback is new bugs. We have currently 9 fixes in the
release branch after the 0.9.4b  tag. You can see the oneliners below.

For the packaged stuff I have made new releases of the Fedora packages
containing these fixes. 0.9.4b-2 is readily available from the COPR repo
[1] and is also in updates-testing[2], [3]. Eventually, the update will
hit the Fedora repos. I have also updated the Debian package to
0.9.4b-2, available in [4].

There might very well be a 0.9.4c release, but we need to give the
current release some more time first. In the meantime, be aware of the
existing patches available.







Git log since 0.9.4b

- lirc-make-devinput: Fix that two remotes has the same
    name (#222).
  - lircd: Warn for duplicate remote definitions (#222).
  - lircd: Retry temporary unavailable write sockets (#221).
  - contrib: Fix usb devices' acl permissions (rhbz #1364744).
  - lirc-setup: Fix crasher bugfix

  - contrib: disable udev /dev/uinput rule.
  - plugins: audio_alsa: Fix byte truncating in 16-bit
    data (#218):
  - irtoy: improve error handling (#220).
  - NEWS, Fixes.