The state of the 0.9.4 release

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The state of the 0.9.4 release

Alec Leamas
Hi out there!

0.9.4 has been out for 10 days. During this time a few problems have
been found and fixed. There are patches available in the release-0_9_4
branch, see list below. One affects parallel builds, the rest are
corner-cases for specific drivers or options.

The debian source package [1] has been updated to 0.9.4-2.1 with the
most urgent patches added.

The Ubuntu PPA [3] has been updated to 0.9.4-2.1.

The fedora packages at copr [2] been updated with the same patches to
0.9.4-4. The build fails  on ppc, but is otherwise (i386, amd64) OK. The
ppc build error is for now assumed to be a COPR problem.

I'm still trying to push the debian packaging into the official repos.
However, this is a very complicated process; don't hold your breath.

The official Fedora builds are delayed since I don't get in contact with
the Fedora libirman maintainer - the libirman and lirc updates needs to
be coordinated. As of now I'm not particularly worried about this. In
the meantime, use the COPR builds.






List of significant patches


443460  plugins/uirt2_raw: Reset device to UIR mode on deinit().
27b1a1f plugins/girs.c: Enable reception after sending.
fa5b379 lircd, liblirc_client: Fix lircd  --connect segfault  (#195).
8e0e7b6 lib: use proper linking method to avoid parallel build issue.
f1c2f41 plugins/devinput: Make the list-devices support available.

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