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Alec Leamas

On 27/04/17 17:47, Richard Shaw wrote:

Hi Richard!

Long time,  no see!

> Figured it out finally after beating my head against the wall for a day
> and a half... Looks like the lirc_serial module was dropped in favor of
> the built in serial_ir module, got my remote working again.
> This was very poorly communicated and breaks everyone's serial IR devices...

Indeed. The basic problem here is that since the former lirc kernel
modules was upstreamed to the kernel, there is a lack of communication
between the kernel team and lirc. In the best of worlds, the kernel
folks should communicate things affecting lirc - but their primary focus
seems to be the in-kernel decoding.

That said, the upstreaming of the lirc kernel modules happened long time
ago (> 6 years) and IIRC it was communicated the usual ways i. e. README
and so on. I would probably have missed that as well if I was in your
situation though, making such a major update.



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