Raw IR Recording and Playback?

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Raw IR Recording and Playback?

Andrew McCallum-2

  I am having problems with a Daikin air conditioner remote control.

  When I attempt to learn the IR codes, I get an error indicating that
no gap could be detected.

  I have LIRC working well on Linux both receiving and transmitting
remote control codes from other companies.

  xmode2 shows the Daikin remote IR signals are quite different from
other remotes. It appears that the format is not [high=0x1, low=0x0] but
a format utilising a short pulse (approx 60ms long) followed by a one or
two second low to indicate binary 1 or 0.

  Is this a format that irrecord should be able to cope with?
  Has anybody had success with Daikin IR remote controls?
  BIG Question: Is it possible to get the LIRC package to record an IR
signal stream and replay it?

Many thanks,

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