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RE: Modified keycode/keysym patch

Warren Melnick
Hi all,

Here is a far better version of the patch I did last month.

The allows the X KeyName in the .lircrc configuration file to be a
KeyCode or KeySym number.

You just preceed the number with KeyCode: or KeySym: (or keycode: or
keysym:) appropriately.  It used atoi for the conversion so both decimal
and 0x-preceeded hex numbers will work.

Examples are:
config = Key KP_1 CurrentWindow
config = Key KeyCode:127 CurrentWindow
config = Key KeySym:0xFFF0 CurrentWindow

Hope it can be of use to some of you.  The patch will work against both
0.7.1 and cvs's irxevent.c


irxevent-keysymcode.patch.bz2 (1K) Download Attachment