Problem with mceusb driver or device?

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Problem with mceusb driver or device?

VDR User

I'm using an HP usb IR receiver in Debian Linux. Occasionally the
device stops working and my dmesg shows:

mceusb 3-1.4:1.0: Error: urb status = -32

Reloading the mceusb driver doesn't fix it, it just continues to get
that error. Previously I had been unplugging it completely and
plugging it back in but that's pretty inconvenient. After googling I
found I could unbind the port/hub and bind it back. That does fix the
problem. So, my questions are:

- What does "urb status = -32" actually mean?
- Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?
- Is it possible something can be changed in the mceusb driver to avoid this?
- And lastly, is there a better method than doing that bind/unbind or
manual replugging if not?

Thanks for your help & clarity!

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