Please do not use the word "key" for "command"

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Please do not use the word "key" for "command"

Bengt Martensson-2
Dear Lirconians:

In recent commit(s) to the Git repository, the word "key" has been used
for what has up until now been called "command". I would kindly request
that these two concepts, since they denoted different things, are kept
apart, and the original terminology is kept.

A "Command" is an IR signal. The lines in lircd.conf between "begin
codes" and "end codes" (or "begin raw_codes" and "end raw_codes") denote
commands. A "Key" (synonym: "button") is a user interface element,
either a material, "hard",  button on a (conventional) remote control or
keyboard, or a button on a screen/window on a smartphone, tablet,
workstation, or similar. In some contexts, there are programs
(ProntoEdit, Tonto, JP1's RemoteMaster, Apps for smartphones) that allow
the user to design his/her own mappings from a key to the commands,
assigning commands to the keys, as he/she desires.

So "command" and "key" are completely different concepts, although they
often are in (almost) 1-to-1 correspondence. It can be said that they
are concepts on different abstraction levels. Lirc in strict sense deals
with commands only, and not with keys at all.

There are other Internet communities dealing with IR signal. Most often
(e.g. RemoteCentral, JP1 (, openremote) they
are dealing with both commands and keys. If Lirc starts using an
incompatible terminology, interaction in the future will potentially be
much harder.

Differentiating between keys and commands does not prohibit commands
from having names from keys, e.g. KEY_STOP. (This is another issue, that
I am not dealing with here. Possibly later...)

If there is a need for a discussion, let's take it now.



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