Odd remote codes Arris 2853 DVR.

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Odd remote codes Arris 2853 DVR.

Fredric QJ Blåholtz
Hello list.

I bought an original REX IR control (593255-001-00) for Arris VIP 2853
as Bredbandsbolaget/Telenor. Had gotten an earlier version for the
same box from a competing cable company (Telia Sonera) which almost
filled all the missing codes that I already had gotten from the
universal remote.

This REX IR - looks almost exactly like the RF control, works
perfectly apart from the search button that doesn't do anything (just
flickers LED on box) but the yellow button has the search function as
well so that's covered. The "PLAY" texted button that goes to various
paid internet film services (not play as in pause, stop, play) has a
channel toggle function instead - but that function can be reached
from menu in three clicks. So all good there.

But, I had problems reading it and when simply recording it in an
audio program I compared it to the Telia-remote and it's spewing out
codes at about half the bit length. It also repeats with full codes
while the slower Telia remote only has a large gap and a small as the
repeating code, the actual code part is only sent one time.
When looking with IRGraph it's also clear that it's about double the
frequency, sometimes when letting go of the button it shows two codes,
not the same, they differ in some bits.
Time between repeats is about the same on the slower and this faster one.

I got some hex codes but trying to them failed - on all of them. I
think the hex version only covers one of the codes used by a button.

When running the usual irrecord I had a hard time getting past the
initial button pressing part, it just got stuck sometimes. If getting
as far as the "press button quickly part" it immediately quits - it
says it can't find the proper pattern that RC6 uses.

Interesting that the ArrisVIP2853 works with two different 36kHz codes
previously found (the initial bits differ) and also this one with a
quicker bit pattern and different repeat codes.

Any ideas how I can correctly grab these quicker codes?

/ Fredric

* Fairchild Channel F collector extraordinaire *
http://channelf.se - The Gallery of Channel F

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