Interfacing IR receiver/sender to Beaglebone Black PRUs?

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Interfacing IR receiver/sender to Beaglebone Black PRUs?

Thomas Orgis
Regarding lirc on BeagleBone hardware …

in the thread about the old Blaupunkt remote the topic if different
ways to receive/send IR signals on a Beaglebone Black surfaced. There
seems to be a port of the lirc_rpi driver, but I suspect it is doing
its work in software on the main CPU.

Now, the BBB has these two programmable realtime units (see

) at 200 MHz with 8 KiB program memory and 8 KiB data memory. Is there
a driver that makes use of these? How adequate are they for directly
decoding and sending IR signals? I imagine one could hook up one PRU to
the receiver and one to the sender and get very precise timing from
them, along with full duplex operation.

I am not sure how these PRUs compare to the ATmega328 that runs AGirs
nicely. My experience with microcontrollers starts and ends with
flashing a prepared image to the ATmega, but I am not afraid of plain C
and assembly language. But would I be the first person to try this? Does
the normal lirc_bbb driver work just too well so that nobody bothered?
Are the PRUs not suited?

Alrighty then,


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