Improved Lirc support in IrScrutinizer 1.4

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Improved Lirc support in IrScrutinizer 1.4

Bengt Martensson-2
Dear Lirconians,

I just released IrScrutinizer 1.4. This version has some significant
improvements regarding Lirc support, that I would like to describe next.

1. Direct support for /dev/lirc devices. (OK, this was already in
1.3...). Mode2-devices only. Both sending and receiving are supported.
This can be selected as sending and/or transmitting device. Just select
the device file (typically /dev/lirc0), and IrScrutinizer will get the
properties of the device. Multiple transmitters are supported, if the
hardware supports it. Lirc is not required to be installed for this. Can
thus be used for debugging /dev/lirc devices without Lirc.

2. Improved support of the mode2 program. For mode2-devices, the mode2
program can be used. This makes it possible to use (almost?) any Lirc
driver/device for capturing signals with IrScrutinizer. WIth this
version, the program can now read from stdio, so just starting as

$ mode2 <option-to-mode2> | irscrutinizer

is possible. Just select "Lirc mode2" as "Capturing hw"; there select
"Standard input". Similar to earlier version, there is also the
possibility to run mode2 in a subprocess. (The implementation has been
completely rewritten, now using the ProcessBuilder API.)

3. Improved parametrized (!= raw) lircd.conf export. Now parametrized
exports is generated for most "simple" protocols. For the other
protocols, raw imports are used. (In almost all cases, this is due to
restrictions in the lircd.conf structure.)

There is a tutorial at


Feedback of all sort welcome.



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