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Sertac Tüllük
Hi Everyone. 

My Purpose:

I wish to be able to run lircd and other programs on android, just like I did on debian with my custom lirc_gpio module, written specifically for A20 SoC. 


I have an arm based development board, which can run Debian7 and Android4.2.2 perfectly. Recently, I have been able to add lirc_gpio kernel module to my Debian7 kernel, and both RX and TX is working over two GPIO perfectly. However, I wish to run this on android also. I checked internet, and there is no tutorial / explanation for building lirc for Android ( via NDK or Static compile). Can anybody help ?


My board is an Allwinner A20 based embedded system. For Debian, I use Kernel 3.4.104 . For Android, kernel is 3.4.39, android version is 4.2.2.

after that, I run NDK_BASE=<my_ndk_base> ./build.sh

This failed because it was looking for my host PC kernel sources

After that, I tried to modify build.sh, and added --with-kerneldir option, and pointed out to my Android kernel directory.

Here is my build.sh after modification:

However, during compile, I still get below:

I also wonder, is there a way to compile lircd and other programs as static binaries ?

Any ideas?

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