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Alec Leamas

On 21/06/16 07:22, gdbabu Krishnan wrote:
> HI,
>   My operating system is "buildroot", builded by myself for raspberry pi
Seem like you are sort of busy ;)
> lircd -h did print like this,
>         -u --uinput
OK, the uinput support is available (just checking).
> i am using uinput for to get event2 signal, actually my application 
> based on gtk3 coded my self. in my gtk3 application i have get remote 
> key values by keyboard events using "event2(from the uinput)"

> my application also working for event1(from the keyboard)
> my problem is LIRC does not forward IR signal to "uinput"

OK, here is basically two paths: continue the uinput track, or use the 
"normal" lirc user interface instead.

As for the uinput track, note that all devices created under /dev/input 
are dynamic and might be available as another one after reboots, device 
re-connecting etc. The only thing the  kernel guarantees is that the 
device names are unique. So, your device names event1 and event2 are far 
from stable.

That said, you should be able to verify that the events are indeed 
injected to the kernel if you apply the enclosed patch to lirc. After 
rebuilding lirc you should see the logged events in the log . If not, we 
have might have some kind of lirc bug. If they are there you should 
basically contact some other forum for kernel support, I'm on extremely 
thin ice as to why you cannot receive them in that case.

The other alternative is to use the lircd application interface, 
described in [1] (this is for 0.9.4, but  there are no changes for 
receiving).  Since irw works this will also work for you.  There is some 
work needed to integrate into the gtk main loop, though. I don't have an 
example at hand, but there are certainly gtk apps out there doing this.



[1] http://lirc.org/html/lirc_client.html

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0001-lirc-0.9.3a-Add-uinput-debug-logging.patch (867 bytes) Download Attachment