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Abhinav Kalra
Hi Wawrzyniec Piotrzkowski!

Thanks for taking time to reply.

What you have done with LIRC really seems to be of great interest to me. I would be grateful to you if you could just share the file with me on my email address [hidden email]

>Remark: I2C EEPROM (for storing remote definition) is too slow. Need to

>use SPI EEPROM/flash. [it parses command line, searching for remote/key

>-> code family / code definition. For 1 remote with ~40 keys it takes

>almost 1s. And response should be immediate - from human point of view]

I will upgrade the hardware as you advised. This has been noted.

If anything else you think needs to be run by me, I am open to remarks of any type.

I have implemented SENDING "constant-length" codes

But I really did not get what you meant by "constant-length".

And basically, this is just a transmitter. Right? Is there anything you can help me with the LIRC Receiver? That would mean a lot to me.

Hope you have a good life ahead of you.


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