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Alec Leamas

On 14/10/16 10:52, Abhinav Kalra wrote:
> Hello!


> I am new to this mailing list and LIRC. I have gone through almost all
> the details regarding it available on internet.
> I am trying to compile the lirc irsend code(available here
> <http://www.lirc.org/api-docs/html/irsend_8cpp-example.html>) on my
> raspberry pi and i get following errors:

The short story is that building bits and pieces of lirc this way just
isn't supported. You need to build the complete lirc distribution.

I don't know your OS. If you are on a debian-based one have  look at the
debian source package at [1] which actually is available in the debian
'experimental' channel. You could try the debian repo using apt-get, or
download the complete debian package from [1] and rebuild it
according to the README. it's actually not that hard.

If you are on a RPM-based os like fedora or suse, you could probably
just use the distribution package. Otherwise, just download the regular
sources from the same place and rebuild lirc. It isn't that hard either,
but you might run into problems with missing dependencies, most of which
are documented.



[1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/lirc/files/LIRC/

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