Experimental irtoy driver version keeping device open

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Experimental irtoy driver version keeping device open

Bengt Martensson-2
Good morning,

I have created an experimental version of the IrToy driver, not closing
the device between the invocations (i.e. not opening and closing in init
and deinit). It also logs the resolved path name of the device (i.e., if
the device given was a symlink, the target of that link). As opposed to
the original driver, it closes on exiting the program.  (Thanx to Helen
Foster for finding this.)

For debugging, it turns out that adding debugging LEDs, as I described
is quite useful.

With some extra effort, the "new" and the old behavior can be made
runtime selectable with a driver parameters (-A or --driver-options to

It is available in my Sourceforge fork
Only irtoy,c has been changed.


Bengt (Barf at the Dangerous prototypes forum)

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