Bug report -- infinite loop in lircd

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Bug report -- infinite loop in lircd

Mitch Blank
Bug report -- infinite loop in lircd 0.9.4c


        Linux 4.9.13-200.fc25.i686+PAE i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux


    1. lircd will appear dead to any connecting programs
    2.  lircd will show ca 100% CPU usage (in 'top', etc.)
    3.  lircd can not be killed cleanly by 'systemctl stop lircd'


    If a malformed *.conf file is present in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.d/
    the wheels fall off lircd when it calls read_config( ) to import
    the remote's definition.  Particularly, if the *.conf has two key
    definitions that have been mapped to the same binary value.  E.g.

          KEY_LEFT                 0x482C20DF 0xFFFFFFFF
          KEY_OK                   0x482CA05F 0xFFFFFFFF <-----
          KEY_RIGHT                0x482CA05F 0xFFFFFFFF <-----
          KEY_DOWN                 0x482CC03F 0xFFFFFFFF

    The same underlying problem apparently affects 'lirc-lsremotes', as
    it also goes into an infinite loop when it encounters such a file.


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