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Arduino Hardware Guide for Lirc etc.

Bengt Martensson-2
Dear Lirconians!

A few months ago, I submitted a driver "Girs" mainly for usage with
Arduinos as IR receivers and -senders for Lirc. This has been accepted,
and will be in the upcoming 0.9.4 release. (Thanx Alec.)

I have just completed a hardware guide, part 1 "for dummies"; part 2 (slightly harder) This shows how to turn a
cheap Arduino Nano clone into a qualified IR receiver and -sender,
suitable for Lirc (and, or course, IrScrutinizer :-)).  Total price is
that of a small pizza.

Used firmware is available at Github, and, available under GPL3.

Feedback of all sorts welcome.

Note: my soft/firmware is GPL3, my text documents (like the two above)
are not, at least not presently. You cannot just copy them to your own.
But it is possible to negotiate with me...



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