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0.10.0-rc3 debian/ubuntu packages

Alec Leamas
Hi out there!

Despite a slight hangover (Swedish midsummer...), there is now some more
updated rc3 packages available.  To summarize:

   - Debian jessie: The debian source package [1] builds and installs.
   - Debian stretch: Has 0.9,4c (patched to 0.9.4d) in the regular
     repos. 0.10.0 is available in the experimental channel.
   - Debian sid/buster: for now, same situation as stretch. 0.10.0
     will hit the sid repos when released.
   - Ubuntu xenial, yakkety and zesty: Updated 0.10.0 packages
     available at the PPA[2]
   - Ubuntu trusty: The source package builds, but it's unclear how/if
     it works in this context.
   - Fedora, Mageia and epel-7 packages are available in COPR [3].
   - We have reports that the source builds on MacOS.

FWIW, the debian packages builds on quite a lot of platforms [4]



[1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/lirc/files/LIRC/0.10.0-rc3/
[2] https://launchpad.net/~leamas-alec/+archive/ubuntu/lirc-0.10
[3] https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/leamas/lirc-0.10-preview/
[4] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=lirc&suite=experimental

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